“I think I broke my human” now published.

September 3, 2009

I just got confirmation from Brit Marschalk, Editor of The Town Drunk that my story “I Think I Broke My Human” is now up on their site for the world to see.

This was a quirky flash fiction piece inspired by the customer service transcripts you see doing the rounds in humorous emails sometimes. I found myself wondering what a customer service transcript might look like in a world where human beings were no longer the ruling species.

The odd thing about this piece is the variety of reactions it elicits. I personally thought it was funny and I wrote it as flat-out comedy, but my wife and sister-in-law both read it and found it deeply disturbing.

I suppose that says something about my sense of humor.

To be honest, I thought this one was going to end up as one of my trunk stories. I was afraid the unusual layout and grammar might make it unpublishable. So I’d like to thank The Town Drunk profusely for taking a chance on it.

You can read the story here. Please let me know what you think.



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