Like many writers, I suffer from “juggling syndrome” – that is, I keep a multitude of projects up in the air at any given time. Some of the following projects are complete and just looking for homes, some are in the second, third, or eighteenth draft phase.

Wick (Novel)
In which we meet a boy by the name of Jack Solstice who is destined to be hot stuff.

The Safe House (Novel)
In which a group of criminals seek shelter in a house that is anything but safe.

Format I: (Short)
In which a man is infected with adware.
(Format I: is complete and looking for a home)

Rose Valley Blues (Short)
In which a suicidal man learns the meaning of choice.

Sunshine Mary’s Children (Short)
In which an unusual woman has an admirable devotion.

He Who Saw The Deep (Short)
In which it begins to rain and doesn’t stop.

Those Who Wait (Short/Novella)
In which the last person on earth is haunted by the rest of us…

The Sixth (Short)
In which we meet Jack the Ripper’s final victim.
(The Sixth is complete and looking for a home)

Red No. 27 (Flash)
In which a father takes his family on the ride of their lives.
(Red No. 27 is complete and looking for a home)

The Unfinished Daniel Connolly (Short)
In which a museum night watchman develops an unhealthy obsession with a particular painting.

The Cigarette People (Short)
In which a trespasser picks the wrong building to investigate.

Off The Clock (Short)
In which Father Time decides to take a day off work.

Pieces (Short)
In which a man disappears… piece by piece.

Jonathon and the Crocodile (Flash)
In which human and reptile converse.
(Jonathon and the Crocodile is complete and looking for a home)

The Birth of Samuel Lake (Short)
In which a pregnancy becomes quite a haunting experience.

Bone Dancers (Short)
In which a husband and wife figure out a way to dance forever.

Before Her Eyes (Short)
In which a murderer becomes a watched man.

What Do You Want? (Short)
In which a sociopath abducts an insistent victim.
(What Do You Want? is complete and looking for a home)

Yesterdays Dead (Short)
In which a man comes a knockin’ on his own front door.

The Magic Zoo (Rhyming Fiction)
In which I attempt to write for children without messing up their heads too much.
(The Magic Zoo is complete and looking for a home)


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